It’s one of those summer days here that everything has built up and needs done now! We are feeling crunched by large projects on the to-do list for the day along with all the daily tasks:

  • get jam canned ( the fruit is picked and sitting in the bushel basket in the kitchen waiting)
  • sauerkraut made (several of our 400 cabbage plants cracked this week with the rain)
  • broilers caught and processed
  • weekly harvest for the farmers’ market
  • and the kids want to go fishing this evening

I’m feeling like it’s an impossible to-do list to get done in one day, but we are always willing to try to tackle anything that comes our way.  So it’s time to dutifully tie on the apron for me, put on gloves for the other half and get the work done. Tying on an apron, that relieves some stress in itself, and already makes me feel so productive.

Then I get phone calls from friends asking to help them out. Of course, I will help! I’m great at juggling . . . . . . .well, really I can’t juggle, but I’m great at multi-tasking. I love being that go-to person that friends can rely on to help out or fill in for them in a pinch. So friends if you are reading this: I love helping you with anything (seriously) and am willing to lend a hand anytime, please continue to call and ask me for favors. If you don’t, I will think you are mad at me or you don’t like me anymore and I will cry.

The exciting part of the day is the end is within sight! Or at least the end of broiler chicken craziness for the summer is within sight for us. We ended up raising broilers (lots of broilers) most of the summer, not the plan we started with this spring. Today is our last processing day for the summer. So this is the last day to order fresh, never frozen chickens. Otherwise, you can order our organic, grass-fed frozen chicken any day until they are gone. I’m feeling that once they are processed then we can breath, have more freedom (chore time won’t be quite so demanding on our schedule), and I will get my yard back. I’m getting tired of all those chickens scratching and pooping all over my yard. Then there is also the time consuming task of watering, feeding and moving or herding all those chickens daily. Really, the only part that excites me is getting my space back. And I just might get it back today.

So once again, tie the apron on and get back to work! Oops, better get this posted before the day is over too!