We will not be keeping on-farm market hours anymore. You can call us to schedule a time to shop and it would be very helpful if you let us know what you would like ahead of time. Wednesdays are still the best day for you to come to the farm.

A list of all product available at the on-farm market will be sent out once a month. To be added to our email list for our on-farm fresh sheet, email us at becky@agrarianharvest.com .  The prices on the sheet are good for on-farm purchases only.  Anytime we deliver product or offer it at a farmers’ market or any other location, the price will be higher due to hours spent off the farm for us and transportation cost.

We will still be ordering Old Almo Creamery milk and cheese every week. Please email, call or text us by Friday evening and it will be here on Monday evening.

Thanks for buying local and supporting your local farmers!


Agrarian Harvest Fresh Sheet
For On-Farm Market
Corn, Sweet white kernel corn with husk on, individual ears $0.50
Cucumbers, slicing & pickling By the Pound $2.00
Eggplant By the pound, approx. 3 eggplant $2.00
Green Beans By the pound $2.00
Peppers, Bell Mixed Colors, By the Pound $4.00
Peppers, Poblano By the Pound $4.00
Peppers, Santa Fe Hot, Jalapeno Santa Fe Hot similiar in to hungarian hot wax, By the Pound $4.00
Peppers, Ring of Fire cayenne variety of pepper, hot, by the pound $4.00
Potatoes Baby Potatoes Mixed, 1 lb bag $3.00
Potatoes Mixed, by the pound $1.50
Huckleberry Gold, by the pound $1.50
Purple Pervian, by the pound $3.00
Reds, by the pound $1.50
Yukons, by the pound $1.50
5 lb Bag of Huckleberry Gold, Reds, or Yukons or Mix $6.00
5 lb Bag Baby Potatoes Mixed or purple pervian $13.00
25 lb Box of Huckleberry Gold, Reds or Yukons or Mix $35.00
Summer Squash Green & yellow, various sizes, by the pound $1.50
Tomatoes, Cherry Mix of Indigo rose, sun gold, blush, & bumblebee, By the pound $3.00
Tomatoes, Heirloom By the Pound $2.00
Tomatoes, Roma/ San Marzano By the Pound $1.50
Horseradish Root By the ounce $1.00
Garlic By the Pound $10.00
Herbs Basil, 1 oz $2.00
Basil, 1 lb bag $16.00
Chives, 1 oz $2.00
Chocolate Mint, 1 oz $2.00
Oregano, 1 oz $2.00
Parsley, Flat Leaf, bunch $2.00
Pineapple Mint, 1 oz $2.00
Sage, 1 oz $2.00
Spearmint, 1 oz $2.00
Spearmint, 1 lb bag $16.00
Thyme, 1 oz $2.00
Dry Beans Sunset Butte Organics Dry Beans: Pink, Red, Pinto, Black, White in 25 lb bags $25.00
Eggs Chicken, Dozen $4.00
Pork Chops, 1 – 1.5 lb pkg, 4/pkg $4.50/lb Out of Stock
Pork Steak, 2 – 2.25 lb pkg, 2/pkg $4.50/lb Out of Stock
Shoulder, 3 – 4 lb $6.50/lb
Loin, 2.5 – 3.5 lb $6.50/lb
Fresh Ground, 1 lb pkg $6.50/lb
Italian Link, Spicy 1 lb pkg $7.50/lb
Chorizo Link, 1 lb pkg $7.50/lb Out of Stock
Mexican Chorizo Link, 1 lb pkg $7.50/lb
Bratwurst Link, 1 lb pkg $7.50/lb Out of Stock
Breakfast Link Sausage, .75 lb pkg $7.50/lb
Bacon, approximately 1.5 lb pkg $9.50/lb Out of Stock
Bacon Cured Smoked Shoulder, sliced, approx 1.5 lb pkg $9.50/lb
Beef Ground, 2 lb pkg $5.50/ lb
Roast, 4-5 lbs $6.50/lb
Soup Bones, Osso Bucco, 4 per pkg $3.50/ lb
Milk, 1/2 Gallon Old Almo Creamery, Raw, Whole $3.50
Old Almo Creamery, Organic Pastuerized, Whole $2.25
Milk, Gallon Old Almo Creamery, Raw, Whole $5.50
Old Almo Creamery, Organic Pastuerized, Whole $4.25
Cheese Old Almo Creamery, 3 Cheese Blend Shredded, 1 lb bag $4.00
Non-Food Items
Laundry Detergent Quart $8.00
Pint $4.50
Old-Fashion Soap Almond Oatmeal $3.00/ bar
Coffee $3.00/ bar
Eucalyptus & Rosemary $3.00/ bar
Lavendar $3.00/ bar Out of Stock
Pumpkin Spiced Goats Milk & Honey $3.00/ bar
Sweet Goats Milk $3.00/ bar
Vanilla Cream $3.00/ bar
Flower Seed Hollyhock, 1 oz bags $2.00

If you have any questions or to order milk, please call or text us at 208-308-5332 or email becky@agrarianharvest.com.