We are not keeping regular farm hours. Please call us to schedule a time to come to the farm and let us know what you would like ahead of time.

A list of all product available at the on-farm market will be sent out periodically.  At this time, we are low on product and will not be sending out a list until we have a wider selection of pork cuts and produce to offer. You may still request to be added to the email list for our on-farm fresh sheet by emailing us at becky@agrarianharvest.com .  The prices on the sheet are good for on-farm purchases only.  Anytime we deliver product or offer it at a farmers’ market or any other location, the price will be higher due to hours spent off the farm for us and transportation cost.

We will still be ordering Old Almo Creamery milk and cheese every week. Please email, call or text us by Friday evening and it will be here on Monday evening.

Thanks for buying local and supporting your local farmers!