We raise Berkshire pigs for their superior meat quality. They are pasture raised and Certified Organic. We sell whole or half pigs, any size live pig, a pig to roast whole or by the cut. For a limited time, we have weaned piglets available.

Pork Cuts Available:  Pork Chops $6.50/lb, Pork Steaks $6.50/ lb, Pork Loin $7.50/lb,  Shoulders $7.50/ lb, Tenderloin $8.00/ lb, Bulk Sausage  $7.5o/ lb, Bratwurst $9.50/lb,  Chorizo $9.50/lb, Spicy Italian $9.50/lb, Breakfast Link Sausage $9.50/lb, Fresh Ground Pork $6.50/lb & Bacon $10.00/lb.

Roaster Pigs:  Want to roast a pig? We have a 75 lb roaster pig available.

Pork Bundle:  20 pound bundle for $130 includes approximately: 4 pounds of pork chops, 4 pound of pork loin, 4 pounds pork shoulder, 3 pounds of ribs, 2 pounds of bacon and your choice of either 3 pounds of sausage or fresh ground pork.


Contact us: myfood@agrarianharvest.com or 308-5332

How To Buy From Us